Joseph Jude Brien circa 2020


In addition to creating my own sculpture, I have been the Art Director for McMonte, Inc., since 1996, where I have facilitated the design, fabrication and installation of scores of sculptural works in wood, bronze and cast stone with world-renown artists Claudia DeMonte and Ed McGowin.

Original work is hand carved in extruded polystyrene and hand painted with multiple coats of gesso prior to delivery to the foundry where it will be cast in bronze.

COLTON BRONZE, Private collection, New Orleans, LA, 2007


Bronze and cast-stone architectural

pieces begin with original sculptures

are carved by hand using old-world techniques.

Gouges and chisels are used extensively;

fine detail is achieved using delicate riffler files.

Exacting milling, machining and bending

operations are employed to achieve the

accurate frames and borders of these large-scale works which must fit precisely, for example, into a building facade, onto a balcony - or join together seamlessly to form a three - story tall fountain.

Large scale sculptures created by McMonte, Incorporated, adorn buildings in across the US; small scale sculptures are in private and public collections throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.

These life-size wooden animal, household object and women’s accessory forms evolve from images, three-dimensional objects and sketches.

Ms. DeMonte transforms each piece with a meticulous process which includes a multi-step finish and the pain-staking application of hundreds of hand-formed cast pewter milagros.